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A few days ago
A few days ago, the sunshine in the late spring embraced the intoxicating spring in the hot summer mood. The mountains and rivers were covered in green, and the romantic spring flowers were in full bloom. They were full of charms and charming, and the girls who loved beauty changed into summer. Dress. When I got up this morning, I suddenly found out that the window was covered with silver. The snow was flying. I almost didn't believe my eyes and dreams. Will this be a snowflake in a dream? Rub your eyes, go to the window, snow! Yes, it is spring snow, it is a long-lost spring snow! I don't know when the whole city has been covered with thick white carpets, and the airy goose-like snowflakes still sprinkle the white petals to the earth, and there is no point to stop. If it��s not the spring clothes reminding me, I really think that this is the cold wind and the suffocating winter snow. It is not uncommon as a natural phenomenon in the northern winter, but in recent years, the precipitation is less, even in the cold. Winter snow does not often patronize the earth. In the years of my life, I have gone through dozens of spring and autumn. I seem to have few memories of this late spring snow. Accidents, curiosity made me care for the cold, washed some, and ran to the street. The snow on the sidewalk has melted, and the crowds at work have put on thick winter clothes and hurried in the snow fluttering. The snow falls on the ground and quickly turns into water, and the snow on the roof is still white and dazzling. On the roadside, the tree that had already been covered with green clothes was covered with fluffy snowballs one by one. In the snow-covered area, the green trees still barely displayed the green leaves or the dark and dark, and looked far away. The green tree Qiongzhi, the thousand trees and trees are like cotton. In the spring of flowers and green wraps Newport Cigarettes, the trees magically put on green and white floral dresses overnight, so beautiful! The scene in front of me is really a rare and rare scene in the embrace of nature. Strolling on the street, I walked to the square and stopped at the blossoming peach tree. The snow covered with the blossoming peach trees was full of branches, and the peach blossoms were close to the whole branch, covered in snow. The string of white flowers still reveals the brilliance of pink, like a faint rouge, and like a cloud of clouds. In the snow fluttering in the sky, the sparkling smile of the flower is like a girl. The smiling face of the white veil spurts the intoxicating aroma in the thick snow coat. The evergreen cypress trees in the four seasons hold a string of white flower balls. The huge snow spheres are the same white peony flowers. In the shade of the snow, the distance is magnificent and the beautiful and charming. Branches, trees, and trees are filled with the brilliance of youth, blooming with white light. The whole earth is filled with a leisurely atmosphere in this spring snow. Snowflakes still dance like a thousand jade butterflies in the air, and I am in this beautiful spring snow scroll. I have been reluctant to leave for a long time. With the mobile phone kept recording this beautiful spring scene, I couldn't help but marvel at it. This nature is like a skilled makeup artist. I use a magic hand to paint the world, and like a TV broadcast, I will take a winter Marlboro Red. The picture instantly switches in a romantic spring picture of flowers, and the creatures in nature embrace the uninvited guest in the late spring of April with a broad mind. Snowflakes are not easy to change the holy white because of the beauty of spring. There is no change in the beautiful shape because of the warmth of spring. As always, we use a pure heart to soak the Wanli River and cover it with a beautiful body. Late spring land. For a long time, in a state of unemployment, with a lonely and depressed state of mind, I walked through the days and days in the hustle and bustle of the years, never mind to indulge in the natural beauty of the spring flowers and autumn. Today, in this snowy April, Immersed in the snow that is flying in the sky, I am obsessed with the splendid peach blossoms, full of vital green trees. Once upon a time, in the natural beauty, I have nostalgia forgotten? In the snow that has been so happy today, my mood has suddenly brightened. In this pale life, we always look at the whole world with inertia, but the snow in April brings us Unlike the coldness of winter snow, unlike the snow of winter snow, unlike the thick and strong winter snow, she is soft and natural, clear and plain, simple and not too graceful, come and rush, go and rush, not obsessed The romance of spring is not pleading for survival in the sunshine, adding a different style to the drunken spring scene with a short life, and dressing up a half-faced and half-faced aesthetic for the spring in the embrace of nature. Although it is contrary to the normal state, looking at it from another angle may be a beautiful and different kind of scenery in life. The confusion of unemployment, the irritating state of mind... The smog in this heart may be a different kind of style in life, maybe it will be like a short stay in this April, why can't I treat with a happy mood The unusual scenery of the years of life is snowing tirelessly in the air for a day. The holy snow fell on the vast land full of vitality, but it also fell on my spiritual home. Snowflakes smeared my depressed world of hearts with holy colors. Her pure language inspired my vicissitudes of life: there are unpredictable things in the sky, people have troubles with snow, float, April snow, enjoy it!
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