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If life is just like
If life is just like first sight, why is it like a sorrowful wind? Life is not always the case. The most urgent thing is always the most beautiful time. If you are separated after the gathering, such as the sadness after happiness, often involuntarily follow life. Fluctuations and fluctuations, and the fragile heart is also involuntarily involved, and feel the pain of sputum from time to time. So close, so far, this is the distance between people, so close, so far, this is the fate The answer is that the fate is the agreement of this life, come and go, go far. Sentiment, at the moment when you and I turn away. The feelings that are briefly but have been cherished by myself often appear in front of us. Although Zhang refused but once also cherished his face, the face that was once gentle and pleasant, smiles and smiles. Now, I clearly see the face behind the face that is determined to leave, it is the tears of tears, the mood How is Shulang? Seeing hate late, true feelings are priceless. I often recall the goodness of acquaintances, often recalling the rush of laughter and laughter Marlboro Gold. Always with deep and eternal words, screaming endless sorrow is the end of the song The loneliness of people, accompanied by a deep will. Or the tears on the face, so that the pain in my heart is getting deeper! I don't know, I only know that my obstacles are lingering. I once said If you pass by, you will pass away with the wind. People who have known each other, quietly travel. When the loss is born from the heart, when your figure is absolutely thousands of miles away, and I can��t save it, I know that there is a kind of pain. I have been in the bones. I am here, and you are at the end, the distance between the hearts is a distance that can never be crossed Wholesale Cigarettes. This invisible distance is an invisible and sharp sword. I have cut off the past and scratched each other. Many helpless, I really don��t understand, just a weak woman, but I want to show a strong, just a woman who longs for love and being loved, but at all costs Behind the wounds, the reason behind the irrational, behind the resolutely, there is a deep pain. People's life, really can be placed in each other's hearts Marlboro Lights, can know how to cherish and care, many. Many Time, just a conversation between a person and a group of people Many times, it is a smile that meets and laughs. After a while, I don��t think about the interaction. Many times, when people leave, the reality of tea is cold. Many times, you are watching others, and others are always facing away from you. Why don't you get away from it? It's not easy to meet, even if it's just a small dialogue, even if it's just a concern, it's a rare opportunity. You should thank you for having a lonely life. It's not easy to meet, let alone a copy. It is enough to warm my feelings, just put it on the front page of the heart, and how to give up and see each other. It��s not far from farewell. The gathering and the scattered book are just a momentary change. Maybe life is like this. Some people can only walk together. Cheng, some things will make us remember a lifetime. However, the red dust mites, whether it is really the fate, the red dust mites, whether there is true sincerity! I can not find the answer, but I deeply know that the promise of beauty If you don't have to worry about it, it is equal to a piece of paper, the most true emotion. If you don't care for it, you will be empty in the end. I know that life is when you laugh and laugh, you cry and it is sad. The world's most remote distance, is the indifference and estrangement between the heart and the heart. Gradually, gradually deep inside, it is impossible to say, I stand in the same place, I am at a loss. However, this is gradually drifting away, who is today, who will be tomorrow! Being quiet is not a blank, but a deeper and more lucid situation. I often hear harsh sounds, often see bad eyes, often live in the world of joys, sorrows and sorrows, often forget what I am doing, often forget who I am. This kind of species is often the life state of some people. The person who lost the soul is the dying yang. The person who lost the true temper is the body. The person who lost the nature is the bloodthirsty devil. I write a pen and write a few words. I am waiting for the truth, and I will not die. I laugh at the world and calm down. I am walking on the road, watching, listening, laughing, how many laughs like flowers, how many vows are like sand, how many loves, how to move Go to it! Laugh at the red dust, sigh the world, in the light of the light, who can really dominate the ups and downs "If life is just like seeing each other"
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