May 29 2020 05:39:45
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Youth is what the y
Youth is what the youth is in the early morning forest, the singer of the world, the joy of awakening the world; the youth is the moon, the hard work of the pen, the hard work to break through the fortress of knowledge; youth is a bloody blood in the chest, let The dream is at your fingertips; youth is walking on the road of life, only the courage to move forward, there is no reason to turn back. Youth is incomparably beautiful, so magical, but like a white gap, let us not vain, double cherish. Youth is a fireworks and an ice cave. Whether burning or freezing, we are still growing fearlessly in youth. Youth is full of effort and sweat, trial and failure, joy and success. In short, youth is a period of struggle, mixed with sweat and tears, spelled, no regrets. Struggling youth is the most beautiful scenery, it is the millions of wings flying in the air, decorated with the most beautiful and precious youth. Youthful years are only suitable for struggle. Because of youth, we strive for progress; because of youth, we are full of energy and full of curiosity about anything. We will not regret it, we will not "the old man is sad." Because we are only fighting for the day and fighting for the goal. Youth, we pursue my dreams with the perseverance of Kuafu, and I have no regrets. Youth is like a meteor. It is short-lived. Only when we grasp youth and work hard can youth exude a more splendid brilliance! Boeing Dream Machine Newport Cigarettes Coupons, contact off the field 118.68. good night. "Dream takes off and remembers, the original dream still remembers, when the sky was a child, when I was crying, as long as my mother held the airplane-shaped electronic lantern switch, the music rang and the propeller turned rapidly, and I immediately quieted down. Since then, my heart has planted the seeds of aviation. Ten years later, when I hold the joystick, I always think of it when I take off. The corner of my mouth can't help but smile, repeating it over and over again, just to complete a perfect dream. Flying. Gradually, I grew up and painted a new boat with that clumsy handwriting. It seems so awkward and ridiculous now. But how beautiful it is in my little heart. Ten years later, I painted a dream 787 with a smooth brushstroke. Maybe there is a day, I will really drive a 787, it may be old and has been eliminated. It will still rush to the blue like its ancestors 747 When I was in elementary school, I often sat at the end of the airport runway. I only watched a plane take off, landed... I stared at the blue sky with a golden frame... I took the plane one by one. Ten years later, I was like I am willing to sit in one of the planes. I remember that I was flying for the first time. It was a 737-800 passenger plane. It gave me the feeling of being fat and fat. When I submitted a flight form to the captain, I got into the cockpit with my wish. I can't forget the cockpit of the Airbus 321, the flowing lines, the shiny instruments, the mysterious cockpit, and finally the face. I started to model. No one believes in a box. The small parts will be assembled into a flying wing. A one-of-a-kind aircraft model is born in my hands. The joy comes from the heart, although it can't be like a real plane, but a passenger plane Putting it at home and turning your home into an airport can also satisfy your wishes Cheap Cigarettes. Junior high school is a flight that has flown for three years. Today, decide, lift the wheel, rush to the sky, let us dream of sailing.
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