January 18 2021 17:43:07
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n the corner. After
On a quiet night, Yuelang was thin, and I sat by the window, learning the cool breeze. The night seemed to turn into your kind smile, and the sound of wind seemed to turn into your kind call. Whenever I think of you, tears swirl in my eyes. You are a concern in my heart --- great-grandmother. You are my concern. I still remember that year I was a young and ignorant child. In your old age, you took me as a treasure and my heart was flesh. I'm like a fragile piece of ice, holding it in my hand to avoid being broken, and holding it in my mouth, I don't want to receive any Shanghai. You are my concern. Whenever I make a mistake, you wo n��t blame me, always the first to protect me. I still remember the day when the north wind whistled, the snow was flying, it was a snowy day, and I accidentally walked through the great-grandmother ��s room When I saw her, she was using her skinny, wrinkled hands to hold a clean mirror cloth, and carefully wiped her worn-out distressed reading glasses. I thought to myself: Is that the great-grandmother's favorite baby? After the great-grandmother staggered out of the room Online Cigarettes, I slipped in. I opened the great-grandmother's drawer and found a delicate sandalwood box. After opening it, I found that the reading glasses were covered with scratches Parliament Cigarettes, and the frame was slightly yellow. It seems that it is very old. I picked it up when I woke up. ,what? Why is this world so blurry, my head is getting dizzy, one accidentally, my glasses slipped down, my mother heard the sound, hurried over, saw the glass slag that fell to the ground, and was furious, punished me today I was not allowed to eat at night. After hearing these words, my tears kept falling to the ground like raindrops. After my great-grandmother hurriedly came after hearing my cry, she only saw her mother close the door fiercely. I cried behind the door, and the great-grandmother learned of the situation from her mother, so she quietly came to the door while her mother was out, "Well." I kept sobbing, and slowly opened the door, surprised I found hot food on the ground, and it happened that my mother was back. I flew into her arms and said happily, "Mom, forgive me." She saw the great-grandmother hiding in the corner. After a few years, I haven't seen my great-grandmother for a long time. Suddenly one day my mother called and said that my great-grandmother was gone Cheap Cigarettes. After knowing the news, I rushed through the night, but still had no time to see her. My mother brought a sandalwood box and said that it was left to me by my great-grandmother. I opened it and saw a yellowish frame inside. I was holding back my tears, and then wow a pain came out. Great-grandmother, I miss you so much
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