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multistage vacuum pump
multistage vacuum pump

There are two reasons for the damage of multi-stage vacuum pump seal: man-made damage and natural damage. The seal of multistage vacuum pump will be scratched, bruised and squeezed when it is opened or closed. Mechanical damage between two sealing surfaces. Under the action of high temperature and high pressure, atoms permeate and exude each other, and adhesion occurs. When the two sealing surfaces move mutually, the adhesion part is easily pulled and torn. The coarser the surface of multi-stage vacuum pump sealing surface is, the more easily this phenomenon occurs.

When the medium is active, the sealing surface of the multi-stage vacuum pump is worn, washed and cavitating. The floating fine particles in the medium collide with the sealing surface, causing local damage. The high-speed moving medium directly washes the sealing surface, causing local damage. When the medium is mixed and partially vaporized, the gas producing bubble blasting impacts the sealing surface, causing local damage. The erosion of medium and chemical erosion alternately will strongly erode the sealing surface.

The potential difference and electrochemical erosion will occur due to the mutual contact of sealing surfaces, the contact between sealing surfaces and sealing body and valve body, as well as the concentration difference of medium and oxygen concentration difference, resulting in the erosion of sealing surfaces on the anode side. However, in the case of no current generated by the medium near the sealing surface, the medium directly plays a chemical role with the sealing surface, forming chemical erosion and eroding the sealing surface.

The processing quality of sealing surface is not good, which mainly indicates that there are cracks, air holes, ballast and other defects on the sealing surface. The hardness of sealing surface caused by improper selection of surfacing and heat treatment specifications and poor control in the process of surfacing and heat treatment is too high or too low. The hardness of sealing surface caused by wrong material selection or improper heat treatment is not uniform and corrosion-resistant, which is mainly caused by blowing the base metal to the top in the process of surfacing to dilute the alloy composition of sealing surface.

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