May 30 2020 22:28:45
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View Thread: Since Madden has been out so long
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Since Madden has been out so long
Start with solos and do not spend your coins. Super Bowl, TOTY, NFL 100 and Theme Builders all will get you 94-96 NAT cards in the solos. You get a few 88/89 OVR cards and may produce some coins that are good. Publish those solos and keep leveling up from playing. Play with draft Should you have Madden 20 coins to play with with H2H. Do not purchase packs and build your group with as many NATs you can before purchasing gamers.

All of these. As many as you can. The new series drops Friday so I am sure prices will be far cheaper. You should spend your time grinding those solos and leveling up. Every single time you increase 5 levels you are getting a new electricity up pass to utilize as a free card at a power up. Saturday morning/afternoon is a superb day to buy cards. I'd you don't have all that stuff completed by this Saturday, I would say wait until next Saturday and your staff could be pretty good.

Since Madden has been out so long you are going to battle online right from the gate. Should you wish to play on the internet, you can get 15k coins and play MUT Draft, and that's an adequate way to make coins in the event that you can win. Your best bet is solos + degree grinding. Agency solos will give a free 96. Solos will provide you with a DK Metcalf that you are able to update to 95 OVR for cheap. Theme Builders 2 will give you a 95. Ultimate legends will provide you legend powerups to get you started as well as a few 87-88's. Journey Diamonds will provide you the best 3 cards for almost any team set to make a diamond (three 89-ish overalls).

Super Bowl solos will provide you with a 95. NFL100 would be the quickset and will get you a 94-95. The Journey and Gauntlet solos are adequate Mut 20 coins for sale however a grind, even though there will be a new Gauntlet that Friday and you will have the ability to update your past Gauntlet players. MUT Heroes is a free 91. To grind amounts once you complete your solo grind, then play with over and over only and the Adam Vinatieri solo challenge replay. You will receive also an upgradeable Torry Holt, quicksells, and free packs. If you so choose, there are also"premium" packs across the way that cost money but would be the best bang for your dollar packs in Madden, and may net you a thousand coins + for relatively cheap.
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