June 05 2020 21:56:03
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and the pride of "giving p
The so-called strong, as the name implies-powerful person. However, for thousands of years, our definition of the word strong is like a mushroom in the endless stream. But there is nothing strange about it. Everyone has their own ideas, and it is natural to have different opinions on the word strong. Some people think that Washington Newport 100S, known as the "Father of the United States" is a strong man, and his achievements are not small; some people think that Beethoven is a strong man. In the case of physical disabilities, he has created a reputation in the world. "Symphony of Fate"; Lincoln, Bill Gates, Beckham ... Which of them is not called a strong man? Let ��s talk about our Chinese powerhouses: the emperor Qin Shihuang who merged the six nations and unified the whole country; Liu Bei, who has a broad mind and recruits talents; Sima Qian who suffered the pain and completed the "Historical Records" alone ... Which of them is not called a powerhouse? If you look closely, think about it. It is not difficult to find that many or even most of the people known as the strong are people who have great achievements or achievements, and the term strong has also expanded to a height that ordinary people cannot reach, just like the night sky. Destroy the star, beautiful and out of reach! But is it true? I do n��t think so, at least I think those who work hard and always stick to their jobs-are strong! They insist on perseverance; those who teach and educate people, teachers who stand on the education career-are the strong ones! They are strong in value; then save the world first, and use both hands to send to the healthy doctor-the strong! They are strong in meaning. They are like a small screw, but they are nailed in a very important position. Imagine if these powerful men stopped, what should we do? But fortunately they did not. Some of them have been engaged in a career all their lives. They may be boring and boring, but they cannot give up. Because giving up is the behavior of the weak, only the never stop is the strong. But we also need to distinguish between never stopping and standing still. You may ask, those teachers and doctors have been teachers and doctors all their lives, aren't they just standing still? I can only say that when a teacher trains talents from one society to another mokingusacigarettes.com, can you say that they are standing still? When doctors save one life after another, can you say that they are standing still? What I mean by standing still is that I don't want to be aggressive and easy to be satisfied. In my old age, I will only be able to "do not work hard and I don't work hard. And those teachers and physicians will not do this. In their old age, they will only enjoy the fun of "the world is full of peach and plum" and the pride of "giving people health and having a scent" Newport Cigarettes Coupons. In short, the ordinary people are not necessarily strong , And the strong will not stand still, the strong will never stop!
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