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Military Fitness Bootcamp
Military Fitness Bootcamp

Do you want to get in shape but lack the motivation?
Are you a natural born slacker and are you getting no joy from the gym? British Military Fitness expert Alex J. ‘Abbs’ is hitting Malta’s shores with bundles of high energy geared to improve muscle tone, stamina and whip you into the best physical shape you can achieve.

Alex is a former member of the HM forces regular army and Territorial Army 4th Battalion of the Parachute Regiment. He has taught British Military Fitness Boot camps around the UK and Germany and will now be sharing his expertise with the people in Malta who are serious about getting fit.
Fitness Camps can help you improve body, mind and spirit whilst you shape up, drop body fat, decrease stress and increase self confidence without the hassle of stepping into a gym or being bound to membership contracts; but most importantly, having fun while you do it!!

Kids and Adult Classes to start on the 3rd October.

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