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Sir Alex Ferguson Gave Eastgates Money Away
Sir Alex Ferguson Gave Eastgates Money AwayThe symbol of victory for the world championships in poker is a gold bracelet clad with precious stones.The Danish poker player Peter Eastgate chose in November to put his bracelet from his victory in 2008 on auction. Eternity the jewelry did not mean much for him.

It was put under the hammer on eBay, and money from the auction were marked for UNICEF charity work.

The auction was a success. The starting price was $ 16,000, but the bracelet brought after 116 bids $ 147,500. That is 825,000 dollars for UNICEF’s work for children in the Third World.

The buyer was initially anonymous, but it is said that it was the Scottish multi-millionaire and poker player William Haughey, who bought it.

The other day they were handed over to UNICEF with help from Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who is Unicef ambassador and friend of William Haughey. Eastgate did not see any reason for even being a part of the ceremony.

The amount was even rounded up. $ 147,500 is only a small £ 94,000, and it do not look good on a check. So it was changes to £ 100,000 which goes to children affected by floods in Pakistan.

- Willie told me that when he saw that Peter donated money to charity, he decided that he definitely would be the highest bidder. He was touched by Peter’s generosity, says Claus Nielsen, a lawyer for Peter Eastgate.

Must generate more charity
William Haughey owns a (large) refrigerator company, and is estimated to be billionaire. The last five years he has donated 9 million dollars away to charity. Labour in Scotland especially enjoy his money, and he also has served on the board of the football club Celtic FC

Besides that he is also a pokerplayer with very good results. Among others he has won a side tournament for the EPT Grand Final in 2008 and cash in several World Series of Poker tournaments.

But Peter Eastgate bracelets were not bought as a trophy to be displayed on a shelf. William Haughey is studying how he can best use the bracelet to get more money for charity.
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