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Michael Jackson Forever: YADA's Tribute to the King of Pop
Michael Jackson Forever: YADA's Tribute to the King of PopThe Yada dance company wants to give a huge tribute to the King of the Pop! Michael Jackson!

700 Costumes. 405 Dancers. 24 Dance Routines. Gymnasts from Bulgaria and Italy. A Gospel Choir. Pyrotechniques and Special effects. Fire, Water, Wind, Cars, Bulldozers, Horses ...

· Foodlover on February 24 2011 13:09:43 · Read More · 10 Comments · Print
Check out the new interesting jobs!
Check out the new interesting jobs!Are you searching for a job? Check out

1. Junior Web Designer
2. Casino Manager
3. Spanish Country Manager
4. Swedish Customer Service - 6 openings
5. German Customer Service - 7 openings
6. Norwegian Customer Service - 3 openings
7. French Customer Service
8. Web Projekt Manager

You can see details on the jobs here: Job Listings
· Foodlover on February 24 2011 12:45:59
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4 must see places
4 must see placesFashionable Sliema
North of Valetta is the city of Sliema, which has gone from being a quiet fishing village and turned turned into a fancy and fashionable city with all that entails, such as stores, restaurants and cafés. Walk down Tower Road and visit St. Julian’s Tower; one of the many watchtowers built by the knights to keep an eye out for enemy attacks. From Sliema you actually get a great view of Valletta as it is situated just across Marsamxett harbor. Click read more below to see the other 3 places.
· Foodlover on February 17 2011 13:27:00
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Carnival in Malta and Gozo
Carnival in Malta and Gozo04/03/2011 to 08/03/2011 - Discover Malta's Carnival, which goes back hundreds of years. We find that already in the 16th century a jousting tournament was held as part of the celebrations. Maltese folk used to celebrate Carnival as did the Knights of St. John as from one week prior and up to Ash Wednesday. The origin of the name Carnival derives from the Italian phrase ‘Carne vale', which means literally ‘meat is allowed' due to the fact that during the forty days of lent, the consumption of meat was forbidden according to Roman Catholic religion. Therefore, Carnival was to be celebrated just prior to the fasting period in Roman Catholic countries.
· Foodlover on February 13 2011 23:49:59
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More than 1.33 million tourists visited Malta in 2010
More than 1.33 million tourists visited Malta in 2010

An amazing 1.33 million tourists came to Malta last year, spending over €1.1 billion. The visitors spent more than 11,000 nights in Malta surpassing the 2008 records. The government said in a statement that these were the results of its wise decisions and investment. The results were more significant when one considered how the sector was doing in other Mediterranean countries. While the average European increase for last year was three per cent, the increase in Malta was of nearly 13 per cent. Malta’s results were also recently acknowledged by theUnited Nations World Tourism Organisation, through its World Tourism Barometer.

· Fabulyxious on February 09 2011 20:27:43
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The Karma Clinic – Get well for life
The Karma Clinic – Get well for lifeDaniel Petre is Malta’s most highly recommended wellness guru and nutritionist. His philosophy is that each client is different, and that everyone needs individual advice if they want to change their eating and exercise habits and thus live a happier and healthier life. He works with his clients in a close two-way relationship, listening carefully to each person’s special wishes.

Almost everyone has tried dieting at some point in their life just to realize that they fall back into the same old routine, which usually means not getting enough exercise or eating the wrong foods. Daniel will combine nutrition with Life Coaching advices to help you get started and maintain a healthier way of life as he has helped many others before you. Link
· Foodlover on February 07 2011 23:44:11
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An indecent proposal (bet)
An indecent proposal (bet)Tellef Igland is a mad Norwegian better - He will bet on almost anything and has done so since the tender age of ten. He and a friend won a fair amount of money on a slot machine and little Mr. Igland then decided that gambling was a fun and interesting way to make money.

Currently living in Malta, working for the famous online gambling company Betsson – Tellef Igland has an exciting life as a poker player and is an impassioned gambler and you can bet your sweet bottom that he’ll bet on absolutely anything. He calls the type of bets he’s involved in – proposition bets – which basically mean betting on an outcome of something. In Igland’s case many of his proposition bets are what the rest of us would call ‘a dare’, but he will only do it if money is involved. Betellef.com
· Foodlover on February 07 2011 16:41:01
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Eat out for less – A lot less!
Eat out for less – A lot less!Do you like good food, but hate doing the dishes? Not a problem, GUSTO is a brand new discount scheme in Malta, which allows you to eat out at the islands most remarkable restaurants for half the price. GUSTO has more than a 100 restaurants on their list, and you can become a member of the savings program for as little as €25. Depending on how much you dine out being a GUSTO member can save you buckets of cash.

GUSTO has two different offers on the menu, so to speak; one is the 50% Discount, which you can use at your FIRST VISIT in any restaurant listed with GUSTO. You can only use this discount ONCE at each restaurant; however with a selection of over 100 restaurants, you are spoilt for choice. The 50 % discount is applicable to a maximum of two people: the card holder and a guest. To get the discount all you need to do is present a valid GUSTO guide and ID when requesting the bill.
· Foodlover on February 04 2011 12:58:22
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Feel happy, healthy and hot
Feel happy, healthy and hotIn Malta the weather allows you to wear a bikini and summer clothing for most of the year, for nearly everyone that means having a great beach body to show off. There are plenty of places in Malta where this can be achieved, whether you want to get in shape or just need a beauty fix. Fortina Spa – Get longer lashes If you are sick of gunky mascara that runs when you’re sweating in the hot summer sun, swimming in the pool or the ocean – fret not - instead get an eye lash extension. No one will notice that those long lushes lashes are not your own, but they will notice your great new look. The false lashes are meticulously applied one by one on top of your own by highly competent eye lash experts. The treatment is 60 Euro and last 4-5 weeks, and a refill is only 40 Euro.
· Foodlover on February 03 2011 18:27:48
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Jesper 'Kipster' Hougaard is moving to Malta
Jesper 'Kipster' Hougaard is moving to MaltaJesper 'Kipster' Hougaard is now not only part owner of a restaurant in Malta, but has also invested in a web-based project. Therefore he takes consistency and camp on the Mediterranean island for the first month of 2011. It tells him in a lengthy interview to acemag.dk that we bring an excerpt of.

"2011 will be a bit special year for me. Long before it became fashionable to quit poker to become a police officer, stockbroker or the London-based drives, I made a decision that I should not be full-time poker player forever. Over a period of 5 -10 years, the idea that poker slowly be replaced by more traditional work. I probably can not run from, being a slightly maladjusted the privileged life I have lived the last years, so very traditionally with broad, regular meeting times and rigorous framework, it will probably never know. But 2011 is still interesting because it is the first year the division between poker and regular work is close to 50-50. " See more about this professionel poker player here: Pokernews.com
· Foodlover on February 01 2011 18:30:54
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2,500 apply for 920 Arriva jobs
2,500 apply for 920 Arriva jobsSome 2,500 people have applied for jobs with Arriva, the new bus service operator.

Keith Bastow, managing director of Arriva Malta, said that the company needs 920 people including 700 drivers, instructors, administrative and technical staff. The current bus drivers will be taken on, if they wish to join, and will be retrained.
Recruitment is still open, and the company plans to hold an Open Day in Gozo next Monday 7 Feb in the afternoon and evening and Tuesday 8 Feb in the morning.

It recruited a number of instructors last week, including a female driving instructor.

The company launches its bus service on July 3 and will start selling tickets two months in advance in a drive to discourage people from buying tickets when they board the buses. There will be two-hour, day and week tickets. There will also be 30-day and 90-day tickets.
· Foodlover on February 01 2011 18:13:55
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