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D New You - Fitness Training
D New You - Fitness TrainingDnewyou commits to each and every client, no matter what their fitness level or goals. So whether you’re an experienced fitness enthusiast or a novice looking to get started, dedicated support and guidance ensures that failure is not an option. This is not a typical health club or gym, but a tailor-made alternative that will keep you motivated and on course, and most of all, that will give you the results you long for. Each program is designed to suit your unique needs and is based upon activities you enjoy. This way exercise becomes something you look forward to rather than a chore.

· Sam on October 25 2011 09:00:00 · 10 Comments · Print
Order online and get home delivery
Order online and get home deliveryIf you are used to a hectic day, and don’t have time for your grocery shopping, there is several places you can order and purchase from:

1.Smart Supermarket

The homepage is not the prettiest of sites, but it is very efficient, with a big range of household goods, food, software drinks. The delivery cost 5 euro, and the delivery is normally fast. You can pay online and on delivery is an efficient and good page for home delivery, they offer a good range of different meat, and have some nice gourmet boxes, for the people there just need to fill up the fridge and freezer. The delivery is free for orders over 50 euro, and they have day to to delivery, payment on delivery.

3.Malta Supermarket

Malta supermarket has a bigger range of household goods and products than Smart, the homepage is more logic in the structure, and seems to be more updated, but the products are also slowly more expensive. Payment online and on delivery.
· mini_line on October 25 2011 00:00:00
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Visit Gozo and live in an authentic farmhouse
Visit Gozo and live in an authentic farmhouseOn the top of Malta, one can find the beautiful island Gozo, where its possible to rent beautiful and authentic farmhouses. We have found one in the village of Gharb. Gharb is probably one of the oldest Gozitan villages, where various archaeological excavations exposed the remains of Neolithic and Bronze Age settlements in the area.

Gharb also offers the visitor a modest number of curious museums. Two of these museums where the restored residences of two of the saintly sons of the village, namely Karmni Grima who started the Ta' Pinu devotion, and that of Frenc Mercieca, popularly known as Frenc ta' l-Gharb. Frenc ta' l-Gharb was a wise but rather humble saintly man who lived between 1892 and 1967.

Read more and see the Pemnon farmhouse CLICK HERE
· mini_line on October 24 2011 11:43:40
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The Queen's Standard
The Queen's StandardThe Queen's Standard is Malta's first and only LGBT publication.
The Bi-Monthly newspaper is has quickly become the go to source of information for the LGBT community of malta.

The Queen's Standard is packed with witty columns, informative articles on LGBT rights, fashion, dining out, nightlife and utilizes some of Malta's best contributing writers, photographers and designers.

Started in January of 2011 The Queen's Standard is continuing to build a platform that is informative and to help educate the minority community on their rights.

The Queen's Standard is available from various outlets in Malta for more information visit

· Sam on October 24 2011 09:00:00
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First Impressions
First ImpressionsAs I stepped off the plane the humidity hit me. I was wearing a wool suit. I had left a country that was 1 degree at the time and landed in Malta, mid summer, wearing a wool suit.

My first impression of Malta is still a bit hazy, after 36 hours of traveling I had arrived, jet lagged, tired and in need of a long shower. My baptism into Malta was very quick, I had hardly unpacked before I was being dragged out the door to Paceville for a drink.

It was strange at first being somewhere completely new, completely different to anything that I had ever seen. I had traveled before I came to Malta, but something about here was different and I was struggling to put my finger on what it was. There were a combination of things that my jet lagged mind was trying to figure out, how can so many people be on such a small island? Where is that? What is that? How do I get there? Can I buy my favourite brand of peanut butter at the supermarket?

As the first few days went by and my jet lagg started to go away I began to take it all in. The colourful boats in Spinola Bay, The laid back lifestyle, pastizzi. It all sank and I began to adapt.

Malta was 100% new to me, yes, I had known that I was coming for about three months but I decided to keep an element of surprise when I arrived. I had hardly researched it and wanted it to be a blank canvas.

My first couple of weeks zoomed by me, I was busy, sunbathing, walking, seeing the sights and taking in the architecture. It was almost like I was in a dream those few weeks.

I quickly began to figure out that I was in love. Malta had won me over, it was amazing. The laid back lifestyle was what I wanted, the climate was insane and the people were welcoming.

Ive now been in Malta two and a half years and I don't regret it one bit.
· Sam on October 23 2011 18:58:11
5 Comments · Print
Riot Boutique Cafe
Riot Boutique Cafe Established in 2009, RIOT Boutique in St.Julians is Malta's leading premier streetwear boutique, carrying the hottest international Men's & Women's Street Fashion brands, sold exclusively at RIOT, while grooving to live DJ sets by international guest Djs in store. 2nd RIOT Boutique location now open in Sliema.

Riot carry brands such as Ben Sherman, Motel, DC, Electric Visual, Motel and Supra exclusively.

Riot Boutique Cafe (located at level 0, Bay Street Complex, St Julians) also incorporates a Rock in Roll espresso bar that has innovative cocktails, some of the best coffee on the island and weekly DJ nights with international DJ's.

Riot Boutique are also celebrating their 2 year anniversary on the 4th of November and will be celebrating at their Bay Street store from 21:00 onwards.

Riot Boutique Cafe - Level 0, Bay Street Complex, St Julians
Riot Boutique - Level 2, Plaza Shopping Centre, Sliema
· Sam on October 19 2011 00:00:00
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Ritty Tacsum and her Humanoids
Ritty Tacsum and her HumanoidsRitty Tacsum and her Humanoids is the very personal debut by young creative photographer Ritty. The exhibition is not only a reflection of the worlds she creates and fabricates, but a mirror of her dream-sequences. The result is often dark, often intimate - one in which she lays her soul bare, unafraid of world's eyes.

Ritty Tacsum and her Humanoids is on display at the St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity until the 30th of October 2011.

Opening Hours:

Monday - Tuesday: 9 am to 5 pm
Wednesday - Friday: 9 am to 9 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 10 am to 9 pm

RITTY TACSUM focuses on weird concepts. Her photography is the consequence of her own thoughts and dreams. Her personal work portrays people that have a story to tell not just models.
· Sam on October 18 2011 00:00:00
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Vivanda - Taste the Med
Vivanda - Taste the MedNot only did MCS (Malta Chefs Society) agree to assist VIVANDA in knowledge sharing, but it has also committed itself to hold its most prestigious MALTA KULINARJA bi-annual event during the show.

VIVANDA | MALTA KULINARJA will bring some of the best chefs on the Island in one kitchen court, specially built for the event. Throughout the week all participating Chefs will come up with the most creative dishes to establish Malta's culinary champion.


MALTA KULINARJA is not the only event which will tantalise the visitors' taste buds; a number of Military Chefs based around the Mediterranean will also be battling at the VIVANDA | TOP MILITARY CHEF competition.

A team of chefs will be selected to represent the international chef community and compete at the Chefs Olympics in Germany 2012.

When: Sunday, November 6 at 1:00pm - November 13 at 6:00pm
Where: National Stadium - Millennium Stand, Ta Qali
Click here for more information

· Sam on October 17 2011 00:00:00
14 Comments · Print
Tango for Beginners
Tango for BeginnersJoin the most passionate dance. Tango, a UN World Heritage Art Form, with its intrigue and guile alacrity is one of the most romantic and passionate dances ever created.

If you just want to try Tango, if you want to learn more about its intricate, spontaneous move, or just to practice this fun sport in a social context, join our Shared Knowledge Sessions and let the dance begin. Sessions may be booked at €7 per class or €25/€35 for all 5 sessions for MATA Members/Non-Members.

Those new to Tango as well as those who have been dancing regularly may attend, separately or in pairs. Dress comfortably. Ladies it is advisable to wear a bit of a heel; Men soft flat shoes or dance shoes if you have them.

Should you want to delve deeper into the Art of Tango, further info can also be provided to you by any MATA member during event. Milongas, Workshops and other events are held year round for those who, like us, fall in love with this dance.

More info here: Malta Tango Assosiation
· admin on October 13 2011 12:10:00
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Female entrepreneur and mama - Katarzyna Pysz
Female entrepreneur and mama - Katarzyna PyszIts 5 years ago the 31 year old Katarzyna Pysz came to Malta to work in a newly opened Casino, she didn’t plan to stay in Malta, but more saw it as a phase before she should move back to Poland. But destiny wanted it differently and Katarzyna fell in love with Maltese man and they decided to get a baby. She realized that there was a big hole in the market for safe quality products for pregnant women, and she therefor decided to start her own company, importing the best quality products for personal care to pregnant and allergic women. To a price everyone can afford.

Katarzyna holds a degree from the University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland with Master of Science in Marketing and Management. And besides her project a proud mum to Eric, 4 month

Join Perfecta Mamas Facebook group join here

Click the picture to read about the Perfecta Mamas product

· mini_line on October 12 2011 19:21:39
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5 japanese fusion restaurants to visit
5 japanese fusion restaurants to visitFancy Japanese food? We do!  and we therefore have made a list with our top 5

Zest – when east meets west

Zest is fusion kitchen with especially the Thai and Japanese kitchen in mind – the restaurant is very well located in St Julians, the service is fast and efficient and the interior is sophisticated and nice. They have a very nice sortiment in Wine, and is perfect for a more classy night out. Once a month they have a buffet for 27 euro, which is exceptionally popular, so remember to book your table.

They have home delivery, but it is pricey considering what you get.

Visit homepage

Hibiki – authentic Japanese and Korean food

Hibiki located at the Fortina Hotel in Sliema, is owned by a nice and very friendly chinese couple, who have a big love for the Japanese and Korean kitchen. And are by far the best place to get Korean food in Malta. If you wanna try something funny and different, book a table at the teppanyaki table, where a chef is preparing the food, and the chef at Hibiki is exceptionally entertaining, and loves to make a show; juggling with all kind of stuff, breaking eggs in funny ways and much more.

Book your table here:

TemptASIAN – the best view in Malta
On the top of the the 5 star Palace hotel, TemptASIAN is located, with one of the best views in Malta, smart and classy interior. The service is a little slow and not the most amazing considering the style of the restaurant, but friendly and smiley. The kitchen is a mix of japanse, Korean, chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Malaysian food.

Book your table here:

Hugos Lounge – Trendy sushi with tasty cocktails
In the heart of Paceville in St Julians, you can find Hugos Lounge, which is a hip and trendy restaurant with very good sushi, noodles and sticks. Tasty and maybe the best cocktails on the island makes this to one of the best places to start before a good night out. The music is very loud, so don’t pick this place for your family dinner.
Join the Hugos Lounge group here to be updated on events:

Gochi sushi – sushi on budget and fast take away

If you crave for sushi, but you are on a budget, Gochi sushi can be a nice place for you. This little restaurant and take away place in St Julians, offers cheap sushi for very low prices. The prepare the sushi with chicken and other good stuff, instead of using fresh fish, so here it is also an alternative for pregnant women. The small restaurant is very authentic, where you sit on the floor on pillows, but it’s the take away which by far is the most popular part of Gochi. There is normally queue, but they are fast and efficient.
· mini_line on October 05 2011 23:45:19
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