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Having babies in Malta
Having babies in MaltaLast year an international magazine voted Malta to be one of the best places to live in the world.

And after living here for more than 2 ½ years I tend to agree. Live is easy, relaxed and good but also make rooms for many new ideas and more hectic lifestyle (if one should want that)

15 month ago I got pregnant, and that of course raises the big questions, is Malta a place I want to stay? Where to get my baby? Is it easy to meet other mums? What stuff should I buy ? Can I buy it in Malta? And much much more.
We decided quite fast to get our Baby in Malta, and the choice was between St James, which is a private hospital for delivery or Mater Dei,which is the big public hospital. But because of my earlier complications getting children, St James advised us to use Mater Dei, because they have more advanced equipment. So we chose Mater Dei, a decision, for which I’m very happy.

The baby was delivered with caesarean, and we were allowed to stay in the hospital for 5 days, where we received extremely good care. Afterwards the midwife visited us 3 times in our home to check everything is good.

Picture: Lucas is now 6 months, and a happy very healthy baby boy, who enjoys baby swimming and play with other babies, we therefore created a group for parents, so its easy to meet and have playdates and exchange tips and tricks. See the link below.

So are you a mum or dad, wondering about the opportunities or living in Malta with you baby or kids.
Don’t worry – life is good here also for families and its easy to get new friends, for you and your baby;)

To meet other parents, for socialising, playdates, mamas groups, tips and tricks etc.
Sell and buy your baby stuff
Babyswimmming for babys and toddlers

St James is a privately owned hospitals, where there have emergency rooms, if you have health insurance, they will normally cover urgent/emergency matters, there is normally very little waiting time.
Mater Dei is a new BIG public hospital, and is free for you as a foreigner if you or your spouse has an income in Malta. There is usally long waiting but the service and treatment are very professional and nice.

Please use the link section to find info about all the hospitals in Malta

· mini_line on October 05 2011 10:05:17 · 4 Comments · Print
The Big Band Brothers
The Big Band Brothers

A One Night Stand with the Big Band Brothers

The Big Band Brothers are back with their unique brand of musical mayhem. For the second year running, Daniel Cauchi and his motley crew of musicians shall be returning to the Mediterranean Conference centre on the 8th of October 2011 and shall be putting up a show entirely conceived and produced by the band named ‘A One Night Stand with the Big Band Brothers.’

This show is the culmination of a full year of engagements and projects in which the band has been featured. Following last year’s edition of ‘A One Night Stand with the Big Band Brothers’, the band has taken part in a large number of productions including providing the musical background to Teatru Anon’s ‘Karmelin’, a participation in Liverpool, England’s Brouhaha Festival and the more recent performance commissioned by the Malta Arts Festival at Argotti Gardens named ‘Ftakar’.

· mattis on October 03 2011 14:00:00
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Relationship Pitstop for Parents
Relationship Pitstop for Parents

This day is for parents in a steady relationship (married or not) who feel that they need some time alone as a couple to work on some issues that are affecting their rapport. Issues ranging from lack of intimacy, scheduling alone time, communication differences, lack of sexual desire, and past events that are still upsetting the relationship.

A lot of research and work was put into this day to be able to set up the best workshops, activities and ambience to help you understand better the strengths and weaknesses in your relationship. It is also our ethos to instruct you on how to develop the skills to improve the weaknesses. All this is done in the strictest of confidentiality.

· mattis on October 01 2011 12:00:00
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The Pavilion 50hr Marathon
The Pavilion 50hr Marathon

Volley ball, basketball, futsal, judo and aikido are the sports which will be practiced during this 50 hr Marathon. if you are interested to participate just send an email to pavilionsportsbar@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Jonathan on 99409435

The 50 hour marathon will be held on the 7,8,9th october at the pavilion sports complex there will be basketball, volleyball,judo,aikido.futsal..... the kick off will take place at 18.30 on friday 7th after the official opening at 18.00. there will be activities going on while the sports will take place. Thanks to Mixage Music Entertainment evenings will be entertained by Enzo Guzman, Christabelle, Allly, Ian J Vella, Marilena, Lyndsey, and more.

During the day they will have the Segways,bouncing castle, face painting and animation from curtain raiser. we will be having bike cartings. food music,sports and fun


· mattis on September 30 2011 12:33:09
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Even More Fourplay
Even More Fourplay

Following the success of the acclaimed Fourplay and More Fourplay, DnA Theatre Productions is proud to present Even More Fourplay at Sir Temi Zammit Hall, University of Malta on 14-16 and 21-23 October at 20:00hrs.Dubbed “the funniest show of the year” in 2008, extra shows had to be added to the original line-up in order to accommodate the overwhelming demand for tickets.

Poking fun at the personalities and issues that make up Maltese news – be they politics, sex, music or public transport - Even More Fourplay brings back some dearly beloved characters from past editions together with a couple of new ones to remind us that it is OK to laugh at ourselves and the quirks and foibles of the Maltese way of life.

The collection of hilarious sketches and musical numbers will be played at breakneck speed by just four actors. But these aren’t just any old actors – DnA Theatre Productions is reuniting four of the island's leading comics to pull off this festival of laughs - Alan Montanaro, Alan Paris, Louiselle Vassallo and Isabel Warrington.

The sketches have been written and developed by Alan Montanaro, who originally conceived the brand, and James Calvert, Malcolm Galea and Denise Mulholland, while the show is being directed by Wesley Ellul, Herman Grech, Chiara Hyzler, and Denise Mulholland.

Even More FourPlay is rated 16 Tickets at €17 and €15 are available as follows:Online: from: Cabouxon, Spinola Bay, St. Julian’s Mondays to Fridays from 9am – 1pm and 4pm -7pm and Saturdays 9am – 1pmTicket Info Line: 9960 4500

· mattis on September 29 2011 17:17:53
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Malta Design Week
Malta Design Week

Malta Design Week will be one of the many events taking place during Notte Bianca on 1st October 2011. All events during Notte Bianca will be free of charge and museums will be open for free till late. There will be performances of dance, theatre, and music as well as many exhibitions and culture tours all over Valletta.

Malta Design Week will be held from the 1st till the 8th October and is spread across several venues, the main events will take place at the Old University Building in Merchants Street Valletta, while satellite events will be held in schools, furniture and design stores, fashion outlets, artists’ and designers’ studios, showrooms etc. Malta Design Week aims to place various design disciplines on the same platform. It will host exhibitions, talks, workshops and launches bringing together local and foreign designers, architects, artists, artisans, journalists, critics, academics and entrepreneurs. Malta Design Week's primary purpose is to provide a platform for the expanding local design talent to interact and experience work and designers from a broad international scene, right at home.

There will be several exhibitions by the Foundation in Design Studies, MCAST Institute of Art and Design, Violet Kulewska and Adrian Abela, Malcolm Bonello, Christiane Stelberg, Boryana Chaneva and Alberto Favaro, Nadege Cassar, Alexia Medici, BE&A (Hons) students, Steve DeMicoli, Carla Grima, Julian Mallia, Chris Briffa Architects, Ceramika Maltija. There will also be short films presented by Kinemastik.

Malta Design Week is supported by the Malta Arts Fund, the University of Malta, MCAST and local importers of designer brands. For more information about Notte Bianca please visit and

· mattis on September 28 2011 10:17:14
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Traditional Maltese Night
Traditional Maltese Night

Do you wanna try a crazy maltese night? Then you should book the 28th september in your calendar right now.

Traditional Maltese Night every Wednesday evening. Venue dressed up like a village festa with folklore musicians and dancers. Traditional buffet Maltese food at Eur 22.50 and Eur 28.00 inclusive of flowing wine and water.
For reservations, kindly contact the orginizers on tel 21470221 or 99570221 

· mattis on September 27 2011 13:00:00
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Yoga for Kids
Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids - The ancient art of being a kid!

Every Saturday as part of the SATURDAY FITNESS CAMPS

1 hour of high energy power training followed by an hour of dance technique and choreography ending with 1 hour of Yoga specially designed for kids!

Saturdays Camps -11am-2pm
Yoga - 1-2pm

8th October 2011
Garden View

The children live in a hurry-up world of busy parents, school pressures, incessant lessons, video games, malls, and competitive sports. We usually don't think of these influences as stressful for our kids, but often they are. Yoga brings that marvellous inner light that all children have to the surface! In addition their flexibility, strength, body awareness, concentration and sense of calmness improves and helps them navigate life's challenges with a little more ease.

· mattis on September 26 2011 17:45:07
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Trans Malta
Trans Malta

Ngћidu Kelma is a new concept of informal social learning meetings. Professionals and students in psychology related fields come together to discuss sex and sexuality associated issues that are relevant to their work. Different literature and cases will be presented by experts with the intent of challenging ideas and generate discussion. This is also a social event as after the discussion you are invited to stay for entertainment and mingling.

It is to be held at Razzett l-Antik, in Qormi on Friday 30th September, 2011. The workshop, which starts at 6pm, will be chaired by Ms. Gabi Calleja who will lead a pane made up of Transsexual people who will share their experiences. MGRM will also brief us on the legal, medical and social situation of Trans people in Malta.

Your input is critical to the success of this event and the creation of a better multi-disciplinary discussion about current and relavant issues we all encounter when seeing clients. 

· mattis on September 25 2011 13:00:00
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World Tourism Day
World Tourism Day
Hosting guests from around the World and operating with personnel from 23 different
countries, the Grand Hotel Excelsior believes in finding unity in diversity.
To celebrate this day the Grand Hotel Excelsior’s Lobby will
be transformed into a little global community embracing music, food, drinks
and art from around the World from the collection of Dame Francoise Tempra. The
Harbour View Bar will serve typical cocktails from around the globe, whilst Le Grand Spa
will be having special packages on treatments originated in different cultures.

In the evening, an International Buffet will be held at the Admiral’s landing featuring
cuisines from Latin America, Asia, Middle East and the Mediterranean.
Activities in the Lobby are free of charge whilst the International Buet is at 33 Euro
per person.

· mattis on September 24 2011 17:31:00
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WPT Malta 2011 - Portomaso Casino
WPT Malta 2011 - Portomaso Casino21st and the 24th September 2011 - It's happening right now!

The WPT or World Poker Tour is one of the biggest poker circuits in the world and is second only to the WSOP – additionally, it takes place in the most prestigious poker destinations across the globe. After it’s debut in 2002 the WPT became famous for attracting some of the best known players in the poker world – The grand news for us is that this year, one of the stops is the Islands of Malta!

Not surprisingly, the WPT has attracted millions of viewers and vast numbers of players who participated in the many events that have been held worldwide since its inception.
· Foodlover on September 23 2011 12:47:21
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