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By the end of 2010 there were more than 300 000 licensed vehicles on the road, which seem much unless thinking of the size of population and country. Taking that in consideration, one can conclude that there is a lot of traffic most hours of the day. But with that said, it is definitely a positive thing to have a vehicle of some sort available, unless you live dead center of a larger city.

To be dependent on public transportation can cause a lot of grey hair, so we recommend either buying or leasing a vehicle.

A decent used car can by purchased from €2500 and up, but in addition there's also insurance to consider and all other minor details.
If a decision has made about staying in Malta for a limited period, the hassle of actually getting the car sold again can be too much, and there are definitely some perks in just leasing a car.

Leasing prices vary from dealer to dealer, but a small car can be quite inexpensive. The lowest rates we've stumbled upon have started from about €10 per day. This price is including VAT, which is refundable if company registered in Malta. Usually the package prices also include full insurance cover and road help, which can come in handy with floods and poorly maintained roads.

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