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General Information

If you're planning the trip to a different country it's always nice to have a basic knowledge of it.

Here you'll find a few facts about Malta:


Capital: Valletta
Largest City: Birkirkara
Official Languages: Maltese and English
Population (approx.): 413.000

Ethnic Groups: 95.3% Maltese, 1.6% British, 3.1% Others (mostly Scandinavian newcomers, due to the growing iGaming Community)
Area: 316 km2 (5 Small Island, where only the 2 largest are populated: The main island and Gozo)
Currency: Euro (€). Untill 2008: Maltese Lira.
Driving: Left side
President: George Abela
Prime Minister: Lawrence Gonzi

Country code: +356 (00356)
Official Country Name: Repubblika ta´Malta

Malta is like a great treasure of amazing experiences. Whether you live there or just visit for a holiday there are many beautiful sites to see and even more things to do. When in Malta you can have the perfect beach experience, with beaming sunlight and the Mediterranean Sea, but if you are into sightseeing Malta can also provide you with a historical experience of legendary crusaders and knights of the medieval times, that you won’t soon forget. Don’t forget to explore Valetta; the capital, which includes the Grandmaster’s Palace and the Hospital of the Knights.

The Capital - Valletta
Only a very few people go to Malta without visiting the charming capital called Valletta. Valletta was one of the first cities in the world to have a modern street system, the city hasn’t changed much since it first arose and is now full of narrow streets in which it’s easy to find a restaurant or a café when in need of lunch or dinner.

There are a number of must-see attractions in Valetta, such as; The Grandmaster’s Palace, where you get a close-up experience of how the knights of used to live.

Fort St Elmo –where local Maltese dress up in knighthood armor and show you what it was like to live in the old knight's fortress with the bloody past.
The Manoel Theatre – Watch a show in one of the world’s oldest theatres (from 1731)
Visit the park known as Upper Barracas Gardens, where you get a phenomenal view of the three cities: Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua
At the War Museum, you get the story of Malta during second World War, it holds General Eisenhower's Jeep as well as photographs documenting of the bombing of Valletta.
The Hospital of the Knights - where the knights used to nurture sick pilgrims back to health and visit the tunnels where the Maltese hid, while the Germans bombed Valletta during the Second World War. Or if you like to shop take a walk down Merchant Street and buy luxury goodies often much cheaper than in the rest of Europe

Malta is like a great treasure of amazing experiences. Whether you live there or just visit for a holiday there are many beautiful sites to see and even more things to do. Have the perfect beach experience, with beaming sunlight and the Mediterranean Sea and Discover what goes on behind the walls of the authentic medieval town Mdina, take a walk by the harbor at Sliema or jump on a boat that takes you to the blue cave where sun and coral reefs are entwined.

matcekok on May 04 2022 15:30:27

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