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Malta has a sensibly functioning public transportation system. Being a small country without metros and city trains, Malta has survived for many years on their easy recognizable orange retro busses.

The different bus lines will take you across the island every day, though with fewer busses in route for the public holidays and during the off winter season.

Tickets are less than €0,50 for a one way ticket. Regardless whether you travel from the very far north to the deep south. Other possibilities is anything from daily tickets to weekly tickets, if you wish to explore the island in your own time.

For the younger audience, the bus no 62 is the bus that takes you to and through Paceville in St. Julians.

Be aware that: Maltese bus drivers are not especially service minded, and will not stop at a bus stop unless someone's getting off, or you wave him to the side. They're aggressive drivers and will honk their horn at just about anything.

Related info: The red British inspired double decker sightseeing busses are also commonly used in Malta. Prices average around €15 for a day pass, which will allow you to jump from bus to bus during the day. Though if adventurous, take the public bus, hence there's money to be saved.



Malta offers a lot of different taxi services.

The classic romantic way of taxi hire is by horse carriage. Prices are in the high end of the range, but those willing to pay will be granted the possibility to see Malta slowing drifting by from an open horse carriage.

The tourist way of jumping in a taxi from the street isn't recommendable here. Unless you can actually speak Maltese, try to stay clear of the White Taxi Services. Prices here are way overpriced and some of the drivers are quite dodgy, which some times means they'll try to take advantage of you.

Both of the above are negotiable in price, and can easily be lowered through tough negotiation. Most times to about half the price asked.

The LoveMyMalta recommended Taxis, eCabs and Upfront, are established companies in Malta. Some are used by the numerous iGaming companies and are usually quite reliable in both price and punctuality.

When leaving Paceville in the late night / early mornings, there's also money to be saved by going to Wembley Taxi Services for a shuttle bus or a share taxi. €2,5 will basically get you a long way on the island, but you'll usually have to wait a while until they managed enough people going your direction.

Wembley Taxis also offer a limousine service. The approx. price is €150 to feel luxurious for a couple of hours.


Good to Know:

In our web links section you can get an overview of the different companies.

Check out lovemymalta - weblinks for all links to this subject.

Remember you can add your own links to LoveMyMalta.


Jerryunink on July 17 2020 18:54:03

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davidalexander on September 08 2020 06:36:11

Comments: 2
User level: Member

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davidalexander on September 08 2020 06:44:26

Comments: 2
User level: Member

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