Feel@home - International Christmas Dinner
Posted by Sam on November 29 2011 20:48:31
All the nations come together and cook for us this Christmas! We're already dreaming of pastizzi, pasta, paella, wurstel and so many dishes we can never pronounce.... hmm, it already smells so good! :)

Group up in teams of the same country and share some traditional food from your home country....Portside have been kind enough to offer their kitchen to heat your stuff (but there are no facilities to cook), so make sure that whatever you get is already cooked..

So, all you need to do is to inform us which country you're representing - so that we can help you find your team & we can prepare a table for your country ... :)

Let's celebrate an international Christmas this year! Hoping to see you all there...

Feel@Home's International Christmas Dinner will be held on Thursday 15th of December 2011 from 20:00 - 23:30 at Portside in Sliema.

Check out the event on Facebook to RSVP or for more information Here